Promoting interest in and understanding of economic aspects

The Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation acts to promote interest in and understanding of economic aspects. The Foundation is particularly committed to ensuring that young people have access to the knowledge necessary for critical examination and debate on economic matters.

Economy Weeks - the core activity of the Foundation

The Foundation's best-known activity is the Economy Weeks joint project. Working together with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and numerous Swiss companies, the Foundation holds project weeks in Swiss higher secondary schools (Gymnasien). Managers from the world of industry and commerce direct the Economy Weeks, acting as instructors.

Activity-oriented learning - the Foundation's teaching concepts

Working together with the Institute for Education in Economics (Institut für Wirtschaftspädagogik (IWP)) at the University of St. Gallen, the Foundation has developed business and economic teaching concepts. These teaching concepts are founded on computer-based simulations / management games.

Economy Weeks

Practical, business-oriented project weeks at higher secondary schools
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Teaching concepts

Business management and economic simulations

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Training courses

Training in the use of the concepts

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Annual event for partners and friends of the Economy Weeks

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International deployment of the Foundation's teaching concepts
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